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Joe & Theresa Brown
Joe and Theresa Brown

When asked to be on the Archbold Foundation board in 2004, Theresa Brown pondered a bit and then thought, “Everybody in this community has an obligation to do something for our wonderful hospital as it fills such a need for the whole area – I have to say yes.”

“We like to think of Archbold especially for memorial gifts, a tradition started in 1952 when my great-grandmother died - my mother gave a room in the original hospital in her memory, and we children were so proud to see the plaque and know our family had done something for the hospital,” says Theresa. “I loved being a candy striper at Archbold in high school, and Joe’s mother, a graduate nurse, enjoyed her Gray Lady volunteer work there in the 1970s.”

“We are proud of the grand reputation and the proud history of our hospital,” says Joe. “A hospital such as Archbold is important in bringing other people and organizations of quality to town. We all must think of Archbold in our giving plans.”

Mary Anne Grayson, MD, and Timothy Grayson, MD
Mary Anne Grayson, MD, and Timothy Grayson, MD

Early in our careers, we were blessed with the invitation to join the medical staff at Archbold Memorial Hospital. We found a center of excellence, with a depth of services and a quality of care second to none. Sophisticated technology coupled with small town hospitality remains a winning combination. The level of quality and advanced treatments available at our medical center are well beyond the scope of practice in most hospitals serving much larger communities. Archbold Memorial Hospital’s regional and national leadership in these areas greatly benefits the health of our community.

All members of the Archbold community share a unifying goal - the pursuit of excellence. A shared vision of maintaining the highest-quality medical care is the driving force for our community’s support. We share this vision.

We give because we believe our medical center is at the forefront of delivering the highest quality care. Support of the Archbold Foundation by private citizens makes medical care of this level attainable in our community.

We are truly fortunate to be members of this community. We give because we believe in maintaining, promoting and furthering the system of health care excellence that our community knows as Archbold Memorial Hospital. We encourage you to join us in support of the Archbold Foundation.

Dr. and Mrs. Doug McPherson
Dr. and Mrs. Doug McPherson

“Archbold has been an important part of my life literally for as long as I can remember. I was born there on a very hot July afternoon. I don’t actually remember that day, but I do remember as a little girl sitting with the switchboard operator while my dad went to check on a patient. Our second daughter was born at Archbold and I’m alive today thanks to the incredible staff there. I can’t imagine not giving to Archbold, but not as much for my past as for the present and future of our wonderful community. Archbold is such a vital part of this community, and we are so fortunate to have it.” – Julie

“Based on my experience as a current Archbold Foundation Trustee and my time as a physician on staff, I feel that Archbold is extremely important to our community both economically and medically. Compared to other health systems with which I have experience, I believe that Archbold is an excellent and very caring and thoughtful place.” – Doug

Thomasville National Bank
THomasville National Bank and TNB Financial Services

We have supported the hospital ever since the bank’s founding 20 years ago, because we believe in supporting the needs of our local medical community. Archbold is a vital resource for our region and offers services you would typically find only in bigger metropolitan areas.

TNB and TNB Financial Services are proud to give back to our community. We are all fortunate to live in a special place like Thomasville, and we are extremely fortunate to have the quality and caliber of medical services offered by Archbold. Giving back to the Archbold Foundation is our way of saying thank you to an institution that has served the growing medical needs of Thomasville for over 90 years.

Pictured (from left): Stephen Cheney, CEO, TNB, and Joel Barrett, President, TNB Financial Services


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