Board of Trustees

The Archbold Foundation Board of Trustees is made up of members of the community along with Archbold Medical Center employees and physicians who volunteer their time, expertise and financial support to the Foundation’s mission. The Trustees also serve as fiduciary stewards of the long term financial assets of the Foundation to ensure a perpetual base of support for John D. Archbold Memorial Hospital and Archbold Health Services

2022-2023 Board of Trustees

Mr. John Brinson, Chairman
Mrs. Debbie Beeson
Mr. Darcy Craven
Mr. Greg Eiford
Mary Anne Grayson, M.D.

Mr. Gates Kirkham
Mr. E. Vann Middleton
Mr. Darren Patz
Austin Quina, M.D.

Mr. Fortson Rumble
Mr. Mark Saussy
Mr. Mike Shea
Mr. Rankin Smith

Mrs. Alston Watt
Mrs. Margaret Wetherbee
Mr. C. Martin Wood, III
Craig Yokley, M.D.